July plans and expectations

July plans and expectations

Exactly one month ago I went back to Denmark after 1,5 years living in Australia. Before my homecoming, I was a little scared of how I would react to being back home. And even though I’ve had some hard times during the last 30 days and wanted to go back to Sydney, it’s been so good seeing my Danish friends and family, having my own apartment again, riding my bike all over Copenhagen and coming back to summer – my absolute favourite season, and especially when the weather is actually summery, as it has been almost every day since I returned.

I hope the great weather continues in July. My mood is often affected by the weather, and I can sense that I’ve got used to the great weather from Sydney and take it for granted that the sun is shining here most days. Luckily, I go to Italy in a few days where the weather is usually a bit more predictable than here and right now it seems to be great.

Not surprisingly, the trip to Italy is going to be the highlight of July for my part, but I’ve got plenty of other things to look forward to in this month. Just take a look at my July plans and expectations here.

In July I want to:

•  Eat a lot of fresh strawberries and maybe go pick them myself from one of the strawberry farms located outside of Copenhagen.
•  Eat my way through Italy. I love the Italian cuisine and look forward to eating a lot of antipasti, pizza, pasta and gelato.
•  Enjoy a drink and a proper seafood meal at Fiskebaren that is one of my favourite Copenhagen restaurants.
•  Get into a good workout routine.
•  Go to Dragør and explore the charming streets of the Old Town.
•  Read Killing Commendatore that is the latest novel by Haruki Murakami.
•  Send my first newsletter that you can sign up for here.
•  Spend a day at Møns Klint and take lots of photos of the beautiful white cliff.
•  Spend two weeks driving around Northern Italy. We plan to visit Milan, Genoa, Florence, Portoferraio, Montepulciano and Lake Garda among others.
•  Visit the food market Reffen located on Refshaleøen.

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